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If you would like to request the services of Canadian Microanalytical Service Ltd., please contact us at the telephone number provided in the Contact Section.

Alternatively, you may send us your sample along with a completed "Request for Analysis" form.

In our efforts to simplify the process, we have provided a Printable Address Label to include with your sample.

"Request for Analysis" form     pdf    word document

Printable Address Label     address label

Special Notes:

1. A minimum of 2mg for C,H,N analyses is required.
2. An indication of all elements present allows precautions to be taken against interference.
3. Oxygen cannot be determined in the presence of F, and F cannot be determined if B is present.
4. Separate vials should be sent for each determination on samples which require handling in an inert atmosphere.
5. If samples arrive in a damaged condition, we will notify you for further instructions.
6. Results are reported by fax or email.


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